Welcome to Cordula Hansen's VR design portfolio!

I am a VR designer and developer with a previous background in research and education at university level, a PhD in Cultural Theory, and a passion for human-technology interaction.

Currently, I am working as part of an international team on financial data visualisation in virtual reality.

Specialist skills include spatial design, rapid prototyping, user research, Unity3D and C#, particularly in the context of complex VR design problems.

Feel free to browse some examples of previous and current work.

UX Case Study

Visualising financial data in VR - work in progress.

A remote collaboration as part of an international team based in the US and Europe. Exploring 3D data visualisation based on user research.

VR design, blockchain, fintech.

VR Environmental Education

Green Fingers - A Technical Showcase

A recent six-week Unity project for HTC Vive with an educational theme, using physics and speech recognition interactions.

VR education, environment, Unity3D

Social Media VR Education

Earth Day: Education in Social VR

A remote collaboration creating an environmental education experience for younger audiences in AltspaceVR for Earth Day 2019.

VR education, environment, social media, social VR

Mobile app mockup

Mobile UX Design

VELA is a mobile weather forecasting app aimed at a tourist audience, designed to connect users with local communities and environments.

Mobile experience, UX Design, UI Design

Man trying out virtual reality headset HTC Vive

Demos and Training

From their first demo to week-long 3D creation workshops, I am always happy to introduce students and fellow creatives to VR and 3D creation tools.

VR, demo, training, learning